Know Wave Presents

V.I.N.Cent Porn Comics

Slim Valley

G-Funk, Indie Soul, Slow Jam
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Track List:
Slim Valley part
815 Click/ The Radio
Ariana Grande/ Into You In A Million
Liberty City/ Dirty Shame
Beverly/ Inside My Heart
The Truth/ U Better Be Ready
R troutman/ Can't Nobody
Link/ Sex Lude
Aaron Skyy/ The Deception
Mario Winans/ LoveMan
ME 2 U/ All Night
Otis & Shugg/ This Is My Phone Call
Deja Gruv/ lt's Luv
The Rude Boys/ One Track
Keith Sweat/ In The Rain
Ciara/ Body Party (Inst. by Mike Will Made It)
Prince/ Breakfast Can Wait

Sound Adventure part
BRF + DREAMPUSHER + 1-DRINK/ TOGA ARCHIVES S/S 2016 at LFW(music for the catwalk show)
Lark/ Tedra (from compilation "Virtual Sex")
Chris and Cosey feat Eurhythmix/ Sweet Surprise
Saki Takaoka/ XXX no dessert

Recorded at Sept. 2016   

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Broadcasted On 25 Sept. 2016


Weekend Records Presents

Trucker's Delight

Makoto Nagatomo

Big Apple, Rare Groove
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Track List:
Michel Petrucciani / Brasilian Suite
Dionne Warwicke / Move Me No Mountain
Ramsey Lewis / That's The Way Of The World
ECD / ECDのAfter The Rain
Main Street People / Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Lee Oskar / Blt
Tropical del Bravo / Trade O Temprano
Pastiche / Sweet Memory
Frazier Chorus / Anarchy In The UK
Bette Midler / Do You Want To Dance?
The Platinum Pied Pipers / Close Your Eyes
About Group / You're No Good   

Weekend Records
OPEN: 3pm〜8pm (水曜定休)
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51.3 G-Wave

Mitsuko Shimae, Nanook, Zmurf

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Track List:
Elvis Presley / Can't Help Feeling Love
Hortense Ellis / Secretly
Vince Guaraldi Trio / The Greatest Pumpkin Waltz
UA / 夢を見た魚
Chosen Few / Stoned Love
Wendy Rene / After Laughter (Comes Tears)
Jamma-Dee / M.Y.N.D
Delroy Edwards / Slap A Hoe (Squeeky)
Witertime / You Can Go
16 Yr Old & Aaron Cartier / Rita Ora
山本リンダ / 奇跡の歌
Tirzah / Inside Out
Deathgrip / Eh   

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The Last Beer Show

So Kajimoto

AOR, Alternative
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Track List:
Primal Scream / Trippin' On Your Love
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve / Creation
Andrew Weatherall / Disappear
Das Komplex / Concrete Jungle
Ice Choir / Unprepaired
Inc. No World / The Wheel
Ryley Walker / The Roundabout
Wilco / Someone To Lose
Conga Radio / Right Beside You
Jayda G / Rishikesh
Lauer / Antinat
Common / Lovestar Feat. Marsha Ambrosius & Pj
Justus Köhncke / Der Herzenkapitän
Kirinji / 恋の気配
Harry Nilsson / Perfect Day
Limited Express (Has Gone?) X 2Much Crew / Sound And Vision   

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DJ Mix Show

DJ Honeypants Is On Duty

DJ Honeypants

Outernational, Synth, Repetition And Suspense
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The girl is found dead at the gate 107 in the airport, and nobody knows where she comes from. She does not even carry her ID or passport."
- "DJ Honeypants Is On Duty" Author Unknown

Track List:
Inaiyaraaja / Pattuengey
Gaz Nevad / I.C. Love Affair
Louis / Magic Dance
Alexander Robotonik / C'est La Vie
Ata Kak / Bome Nuwom
Ricardo Villalobos Feat. Los Upadates / Baile
Lapa Ramasar / The Greatest Name That Lives
Makcim & Managemend / Save The K
Villalobos / Fizheuer Zieheuer
Dukes Of Chutney / Jan's Bellski
Steel Ann Skin / Afro Pank Raggae Dub
Tapes / Phyzikal Dub
King Kong / He Was A Friend   

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DJ Mix Show

Lonely Only Mofo Business

Lil' Mofo (WAG)

R&B, Soul, Reggae
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Track List:
Aquarium / 夏の終わり。
J Albert / Come Across
Mndsgn / Use Ya Mind
IO x nosh / Ms.
C.O.S.A. × KID FRESINO / NOTHA LOVE rmx (Exclusive)
Ras Kass feat. Teedra Moses / Beautiful Mind
Angie Stone feat. Dave Hollister / Begin Again
Beres Hammond / Let me love you
Leroy Sibbles / Ain't no music (Lovers Rock Station Dub)
Kashmere / Selector Blues (Psycho Rhythmic Dub)
BTB / 夏をあきらめて   

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DJ Mix Show

V.I.N.Cent Porn Comix

Slim Valley

G-Funk, Indie Soul, Slow Jam
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先日先行公開した、NYのネットラジオ "Knowwave(Knowledge Radio)"のために製作したエピソード "V.I.N.Cent Porn Comics"。冒頭グラビア40分のスロウジャム・ミックスが最高だったスリム・バレーによるスタジオ生ミックス60分。

Track List:
Toombstone / Everyday It Rains
Phil,Jamel & Terrell / Even Though
Romeo Ryoneil As Ujean, Feat.T(Tenshen),Sonia / Sweet Sticky Face
Lil Keke / Come Smoke With Me
The Click / Scandalous
O-Dawg / You Make My World Turn
Black & Jay / Game Don't Last 4-Ever (Jay Solo)
L.G.Wise / Ain't Gotta Be Like Dat
Mr.Sancho / Break You Off
Woddyfunk / Ya-Sa-Shi-Ku
Remi-N-Alize / Intro: Police Raid
Suavehouse Feat. Tela / U Can't Tell
Money.Cars & Women / Freaky Ways
Shot Callerz / Skit-Trickin'
Man 2 Man / Incents-N-Candle
Link / I Really Wanna Sex Your Body
Cesan Calloway / Roll With Me Baby
Ruscola / Struggle
Eol / Gift Of Love
Riff / Voyage To Atlcmtis
Jonestown / Ghetto Butterfly
Mr.International / Teasin' -N- Pleasin'
Convicts II Kings / I Can See It In Your Eyes
$Hot Caller$ Feat. 24-7 / Everything   

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Vincent Radio Journal

Poem & Sekita

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Track List:
Limited Express (Has Gone?) X 2Much Crew / Can I Kick It ?
Fucker+Yukari+Tomonari / Alive Ecd

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Soakubeats, Abe Shuhei

Rap, Talk
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DODOとのニューアルバム"FAKE"も滑り出し好調!粗悪ビーツが主宰するレーベル「粗悪興行」のイカレたメルマガがラジオになってやってきた!聞き手はビンスから阿部周平。 -----このラジオでは「真実」しか伝えるつもりはありません(粗悪談)。

Track List:
Yg / Don't Come To La (Feat. Ad) 
Dj Esco / Stupidly Crazy (Feat. Casey Veggies & Nef The Pharaoh) 
Christo / We Ballin' (Feat. Nef The Pharaoh)
Juvenile / Ghetto Children
Problem / What Have You Done To Me Shit Need To Change Part 1
Cl (From 2Ne1) / Lifted
Nef The Pharaoh / Bmd (Baby Mama Drama) 
Rich Gang / Tell Em (Lies)
Giggs / 6-100 Style (Feat.Buck)
Krys$Hun / She's Mine 
Jay Ant & Iamsu! / On My Mind (Feat. Mike Dash-E) 
Big Wayne / It's Pay Back (Feat. Money Bags) 
Wale / My Pyt
Koran Streets / Struggle (Feat. K.I)
E-40 / Stilettos & Jeans (Feat. Bobby V)
The Game / Hate It Or Love It (Feat.50 Cent)   

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DJ Mix Show

Master Cuts


Electric, R&B
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Track Under Construction
Track List:
A.R.P. / Moving
Steely & Cleevie / Infinity Rhythm
Big Pun / 100% (Latin Mix Edit)
Baby Rasta feat Gringo / Te Quiero Version
Voice Mail / Only You
Taxi Gang / 5 O'clock
Camel / Passi Gimmi (Grime & Bass Remix)
Hot Ice Crew / 1999 Riddim
Volume / Rhythm
Lenky / Hollow Point
Elephant Man / Salute
DJ B Boy / Moh Cota
Endgame / Savage Riddim
Palmistry / Sino
Popcaan / Addicted
Lenky / Z2010   

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DJ Mix Show



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無頼平野 〜プレーローマに対する反宇宙的世界のヒーリングミュージック〜

Track List:
Yoshinori Hayashi / Matter
David J / 'With The Indians Perminent'
Mutantes / Haleluya
Umberto / End Credits
Fab 5 Betty / Change The Beat (Female Version)
Black Britain / Real Life (Dub Mix)
Troy Tate / I'm Mad
Smea / Koala Grip
Shinya Ohe / Wheel Works
Mickey / Don't Break The Shadow Of My Love
Jesse Saunders / On And On
Adopo / Ringel
Ekoplekz / Zone Stikz
Edu Lôbo / Oremus
Λένα Πλάτωνος - Μάγισσες
荒木一郎 / どっちみち檻の中
I.F.M. / Freedom Analog
Severed Heads / Dead Eyes Opened
Radamés Gnattali / Branca   

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DJ Mix Show



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ゲタを鳴らしてヤツが来る!EX.マリア観音、EX. DMBQ、EX.とん平&ビショップ、、伝説の風来坊ギタリスト見参! 男の60分を堪能せよ。

Track List:
The Work - Slow Crimes
ザ・ボルテージ - ドック・オブ・ザ・ベイ
Fairport Convention - If (Stomp)
Slap Happy - Strayed
Peter Ivers - I'm Sorry Alice
Henry Cow - Bittern Storm Over Ulm
Aksak Maboul - Vapona, Not Glue
Mad River - Academy Cemetery
とうごうけん - ツブシタレ
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Why Don't You Just Drop In
ザ・モップス - ブラインド・バード
Big Star - O My Soul
Etron Fou Leloublan -Madame Richard/Larika
とん平&ビショップ - 1999
조용필 - 남한산성, 새타령
Gabor Szabo = The Lady In The Moon
Curtis Mayfield - Think (Instrumental)
とん平&ビショップ - 生き物ジャンケン
クニ河内とかれのともだち - 男から女を見た科学的調査
ザ・イーグルス - 青春ゴーゴー   


DJ Mix Show

Quiet Cave


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Track List:
Vincenzo Bellini / Vaga Luna Che Inargenti
Ju Ca / Dark Patch
Accident du Travail / Queen's Funeral
E_Scraaatch / Shediedonherfeet
Dolphins Into The Future / A Treatise On Hot Water, Version
Beau Wanzer / Fabrics
Yoshiaki Ochi / Water Drops
Laurent Fairon / L’Inonie
Wilson Tanner / Sun Room
N-Prolenta / Kola's Lemma
DJ Lostboi / Sparkles
Dave Wise / Aquatic Ambiance
Yasunori Mitsuda / Schala's Theme
Rabit / Paisley
Organ Tapes / 飞得更高 (Fly Higher)
Sega Bodega / Sun Loop Angel Mix
Blaze Kidd / Goin' In
Abu Ama / Sleep Well In Jakarta
Murlo / Metro Seance
Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro / CMT The Truth
Inkke / Ghost World
Malibu / Devotion
Jam City / 4 Boundary
Tomasa del Real / Tu Senora (feat. Talisto)
Dynooo / 08
Tadashi Namba / Tsukasa's Dream (Part II)
Ramuntcho Matta / O Clapo

Mastering By Naoya Tokunou   

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